What to Consider When Choosing Modern LED Light Fixtures

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So you’ve decided to go with LED lighting – congratulations! This type of lighting is superior in quality, duration and efficiency over the commonly used incandescent bulbs. Now you must consider the various modern LED light fixtures to match your home décor. Before getting started, you have three questions to answer.

1.) What is the function of your room?
2.) How much natural light does it receive?
3.) What kind of personality do you want that room to have?

Once you’ve answered these questions you can move onto the fun part – choosing the styles! Some styles that are used with modern LED light fixtures are pot lights, chandeliers and ornamental fixtures. These offer different lighting coverage but are often used in conjunction to marry style with adequate lighting! Next up – shopping! Good luck!
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There are various styles of modern LED lighting fixtures available to homeowners. The most important considerations to make when choosing fixtures have to do with the placement of lights, the ambiance of the room and the function of the room. Both styles of lighting covered below are often used together in a room to allow for full coverage of visible light.

Chandeliers and Ornamental Fixtures

These fixtures are often chosen for dining rooms, smaller spaces and bedrooms. By themselves they may not offer an adequate amount of lighting to fill a room, but will certainly add style and character to a space.

Ceiling Lights

Kitchens, hallways and open spaces are usually where you will find ceiling lights installed. Pot lights are a common choice as they offer full coverage and are an ideal fix to open up a space with little natural light. Coupled with a warm or light room colour, these lights can truly alter a room’s ambiance.